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Pushing Beyond the Obvious - Article by Mukesh Gupta - published in - Jan 2016

Niche E-commerce Product that Helps Old Indian Art forms Stay Alive – NatsyByDesign #1000Entrepreneurs

As part of the Help a 1000 Entrepreneurs project that I have launched, the second enterprise that I would like to promote and share about is

You will love this site if you have a discerning taste and like hand crafted stuff made by artisans using hundreds of years old techniques.

India has been home to hundreds of different types of crafts that has been passed on from one generation of artisans to another for centuries. Some of the art forms are even a few thousand years old. Of late, the artisans have found it difficult to survive and there has been a movement by extremely dedicated patrons to help these artisans survive so that the art form doesn’t vanish.

The challenge in this is two-fold:

  • You need to be able to design new contemporary designs using these age old art forms, so that these products find home in the modern homes.
  • You need to find customers or people who appreciate this effort and are willing to pay that little bit of premium for the products.

This is where the entire e-commerce business model has come to help.

I would like to introduce NatsyByDesign.

The founder has actually created an online store that has products made by more than 50 art forms with thousands of product options.

What I like about the product:

  1. The focus of the business – which is to present the various art crafts with modern designs while at the same time remain authentic to the craft.
  2. Contemporary designs which are not only authentic to the craft but chic to wear and use at home.

What I would like to see more:

  1. It would be really nice to know more about the art form while looking at the products made using the art form. That way, the customer will be able to appreciate the product better and hence are willing to pay a premium.

Business Model:

  1. This is a hybrid e-commerce model with a physical experience store in Bangalore for customers to touch and feel the product if they want and a e-commerce website for people to order online.
  2. The key value proposition that the business offers is the following:
    1. Hand-crafted products ensure that there is a level of exclusivity of the products.
    2. The emotional satisfaction for the customer of having helped a art/craft form revive.

Overall, if you love arts and hand crafted products, this is a great site for you to find more than 6 lines of products made by 50+ different types of art forms, then NatsyByDesign is a great place for you to buy.

This is also a great site to find art/craft based products that you can buy as a gift for someone you love.

I wish the entire team of NatsyByDesign a lot of success!


Pushing Beyond the Obvious - Article by Mukesh Gupta - published in - Jan 2016


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