Ancient Temples of Rajasthan

Mauryan Hathi Bada Bairat Once a circular Buddhist temple, only the foundation remains.
3 - 4 th century AD   south-West of Jaipur and Alwar  
  Vaishnava Nagri, near Chittorgarh  
Gupta Style Darrah Between Kota & Jhalawar  
689 AD Sheetaleshvara Jhalarapatan The sanctum, vestibule and half mandapa show elegant workmanship .
      The hall in front, added a century later was highly praised by Fergusson.
  Makanffuni North-East of  Chittaurgarh    
  Kansua Kota  
Gurjara-Pratihara  Sun I Osian, North-West of Jodhpur  Have only a porch in front of the sanctum.
8 - 9 th century AD      
  Sun II Osian, North-West of Jodhpur  Have mandapas or halls. 
  Harihara I Osian, North-west of Jodhpur  Have only a porch in front of the sanctum and
      four sub-shrines at the four corners with the main shrine in the centre.
  Harihara II Osian, North-West of Jodhpur  Have mandapas or halls with 
      four sub-shrines at the four corners with the main shrine in the centre.
  Harihara III Osian, North-West of Jodhpur  The single-turreted spire over the samctum is pyramidal .
      Also have mandapas or halls .
  Mahaveera  Osian, North-West of Jodhpur  Originally consisted of only a sanctum with a covered ambulatory, 
      a closed mandapa, a half- mandapa and a porch.
      The multi-turreted spire is of a later period.
  Haishatmata Abhaneri Had once been a magnificent structure raised over a decorated platform, itself raised
    few kms. off the Jaipur - Agra highway  over two decorated terraces, has sensuous sculpture and splendid step-well.
    Dausa District  
8th century AD Sun In Chittaur fort  Stands on high and decorated terraces on beautiful platforms.
  now known as Kalika  The facade of the sanctum is specially beautiful.
8th century AD Kumbhashyama In Chittaur fort  Stands on high and decorated terraces on beautiful platforms.
      The pillars of its hall and the ceilings rise in three levels.
Middle phase of  Kameshvara Auwa The super structure over the sanctum is unique in Rajasthan. 
Gurjara-Pratihara    near Marwar Junction in Pali District  It consists of a ticred pyramid in the centre
      surrounded by tiered bunches of pediments.
  Ranachhodji  Khed near Balotra in Barmer District Beginning of the style of multiturreted arrangement in the spire over the sanctum. 
      The main pillars of the mandapa are of a later period.
The denouement of  Neelkantheshvaraat Kekind Excellent, decoration on the outer walls of the sanctum. 
Gurjara - Pratihara style    South of Merta in Nagaur District Each face is offsetted to accommodate as many as 13 images.
      The spire is powerful, though still monospired. The mandapa has carved pillars
      and a rich main ceiling rising in corbelled tiers.
  Harsha To the South-East of Sikar The hill top has other interesting remains and has a beautiful view.
  Neelkantha Faranagar in the Sariska Sanctuary  Has three sanctums attached to one mandapa with arid beautiful pillars.
  Kiradu West of Barmer  
Diverse characteristics from  Brahamanasvami  Varman, near Reodar in Sirohi District Mandapa contains some of  the finest early ceilings to be seen anywhere in India. 
Malwa, Upper Deccan,       
Saurashtra and Kutch Ghateshvara Baroli,  South-West of Kota  Tastefully decorated mandapa added to a Spartan sanctum.
900 A.D.     In the front there is a large dance mandapa added a century later.
10th century AD Ambika- mata  Jagat to the South-East of Udaipur  The temple celebrates the various benign aspects of the goddess. 
Presaging the Solanki vogue  Sas-Bahu  Near Eklingji to the North of Udaipur Have ornate mandapas added on to austere sanctums
10th century AD     with decorative proliferation, flamboyant pillars and complex toranas. 
Solanki  Samadhishvara  In Chittaur fort  The bell-roof over the mandapa is specially notable.
Jain Dilwara Mount Abu A main temple unit of four components surrounded, fully or partly, by sub shrines, 
10th century AD     all raised on a terrace, pierced by a 'nali' staircase and a mandapa over the latter.
      Celebrated for the intricate carving and resplendent ceilings.
  Muchhala Mahavira  Chanerao Excuisite workmanship and picturesque locations.
    North-East of Sadri in Pali District   
  Parshvanatha Mirpur, South-West of Sirohi Excuisite workmanship and picturesque locations.
Late Jain  Chaumukha Ranakpur, near Sadri in Pali District Two mandapas facing each of the four openings of the central shrine
post-13th century AD     and one mandapa facing each of the two openings of the four corner' shrines.
      All these comprise an enclosing cloiscardinal openings, 
      each topped by a double-storied mandapa, raised on a lofty platform. 
      Have vast, airy interiors, bold heights and beautiful ceilings. 
Late Hindu  Jagdeesh Udaipur  
post-13th century AD      
  Jagat Shiromani Amber   
  Eiclingji  Eiclingji   
  Keshorai Patan  Bundi District  
Funerary shrines  Mandore Jodhpur  
  Ahad  Udaipur  
  Gaitore  Jaipur  
Bhumij  Bhand Deora  Ramgarh, north-east of Baran Ascending string of mini-spires, 
      set between the four cardinal bands of the spire over the sanctum. 
  Mahaleshvara  Menal in Bhilwara District   
  Undeshvara Bijoiya in Bhilwara District   
  Sun Jhalarapatan  
  Dev Somanth  Dungarpur Excudes a rugged charm with a distinguished spire over the sanctum.


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