Embossed leather diary
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Embossed leather diary Embossed leather diary Embossed leather diary

Embossed leather diary

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Embossed leather diary with handmade paper

Size: 3.5 inches X 4.5 inches

The history of bookbinding is intertwined with the history of the ornamentation of book covers. The binding served not only as a protective covering but also as a decorative one. Leather book binding goes back to circa 400 AD. Before the invention of printing, bookbinding was done largely by monks, who prepared the books for further embellishment by goldsmiths and jewelers. In the 17th century the use of coats of arms fully displayed in gold, and occasionally in all the colors of the different bearings, became the most common adornment.

Handmade paper making in India goes as far back as to the 3rd century BC. Handmade paper making is a traditional art that has been practised by a particular class of people for generations together. This art has been passed on from one generation of craftsmen to another.These craftsmen are known as "Kagzi's". Their name is derived from the Urdu word 'kavas', which means paper.
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