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03 Apr Bani Thani of Kishangarh
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In the 18th century the art of miniature painting had become quite popular in the Rajput states. Ateliers were maintained not only at the courts of the Rajput rulers, but artists were also in the employ of the chieftains of the numerous thikanas (fud..
18 Oct 10 Inspired Looks This Season
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The festive season is here and with it many occasions to dress up and celebrate with friends and family.  Find inspiration for your look this season in the enthralling world of art. Here are 10 looks you can glean from the masters.1. Styling a Saree ..
29 Aug Kingdom of Magadh
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Bihar is one of the largest producers of handicrafts and handloom fabric and that is primarily because of its rich heritage and glorious past. A journey back in time reveals that the modern day state of Bihar consists of two prominent kingdoms in the..
11 May Kingdom of Mithila
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Towards the latter part of the Vedic Age, the kingdom of Videha emerged as the new center of Vedic culture. King Janaka is attributed to be the ruler under whom Videha rose to its prominence. This prominent kingdom was referred to in both the Mahabha..
23 Mar Which is the Prettiest Print?
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The art of printing on textiles has been around for centuries and most probably originated in the Asiatic region. The oldest record of printing on fabric dates back to before 220 AD in China. In 327 B.C. when Alexander the Great invaded India, colour..
23 May The Story of the Saree - 3
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(Please note this blog article has been edited from Vimla Patil's article "The Origin of the Saree", July 2012 and is being published as a series. Part 3 concludes the series with an appraisal of the saree, its place in India today and an invitation ..
03 May The Story of the Saree - 2
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(Please note this blog article has been edited from Vimla Patil’s article “The Origin of the Saree”, July 2012 and is being published as a series. Part 2 follows the blossoming of the textile industry in India - how techniques of dyeing and printing ..
21 Apr The Story of the Saree - 1
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(Please note this blog article has been edited from Vimla Patil’s article “The Origin of the Saree”, July 2012 and will be published as a series)The saree is one of the world’s oldest and perhaps the only surviving unstitched garment from the past. H..
14 Apr Folk and Tribal Art of Bengal
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Folk art has many forms in India but it is only in recent years that it has received its due attention. In a nation that comprises 35 states, each distinct cultural and traditional identity is displayed in the folk art of the region. Apart from this,..
31 Mar The Art of Wearing a Square
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The pocket square, peeking from the breast pocket of a well-cut suit, has become the defining style element in every gentleman's wardrobe. So how did the little piece of cloth gain such prominence in fashion?It all started way back in ancient Greece,..
21 Mar Wooden Dolls of Nutangram
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West Bengal is one of India's foremost traditional craft producers. One such craft is doll-making. In West Bengal alone dolls are crafted from wood, metal, sponge wood, palm leaf, jute etc. Originally wooden dolls were the sole monopoly of the carpen..
22 Feb A Glorious Past - Indian Cotton
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The looms of India's cotton handloom industry have woven fabric that clothed people all over the world, its history beginning almost five centuries ago. Pieces of cotton thread emerged from excavations of the Harappa Civilization which roughly falls ..
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