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Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree

Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree
Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree
Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree
Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree
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Ajrak Tusser Silk Saree

Ajrakh is an ancient block-printing method on textiles that originated in the present day provinces of Sindh in Pakistan and the neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. The traditional colours found in ajrakh printing are deep, which symbolise nature. Crimson red symbolizes the earth, and indigo blue symbolises twilight. Black and white are used with a view to outline motifs and define symmetrical designs. Although the use of eco-friendly synthetic dyes is prevalent, the use of traditional natural dyes is being resumed gradually. Indigo is obtained from the indigo plant. Red is acquired from alizarin found in the roots of madder plants. Black is obtained from iron shavings, millet flour and molasses with the addition of ground tamarind seeds to thicken the dye. 

Like all artisans and weavers, the Khatri community in Kutch is also effected by the lack of business during these times. They need our support and patronage.

Bulk Orders are possible. Please note that slight variations in patterns etc will be there since each saree is handcrafted and unique.

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