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Eri Silk Saree

Eri Silk Saree
Eri Silk Saree
Eri Silk Saree
Eri Silk Saree
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Eri Silk Saree

Weaving is an important aspect of the cultural life of the people of the Majuli Island. Every house irrespective of caste, creed and social status, has a loom. It is a traditional industry that can be traced back to very ancient period. In ancient times, kings are believed to be wearing clothes from Mezankori plant. This plant is used for rearing muga larvae. Traditionally, weaving is done by womenfolk. The tools required for weaving are indigenous in nature, made from locally available bamboo and timber like looms, ugha, chereki, mako and neathani etc. The endi worm (attacus recini) is reared entirely indoors and castor leaves are fed. The product is endi cloth. 

All looms are shut now and there is no work for these women during this pandemic. They desperately need our support and patronage.

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