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The handloom and handicraft artisan community in India has been suffering in the last couple of years and things have come to a head with the covid situation. All domestic and international orders stand cancelled, tourism is zero, local business or retail outlets are closed due to lockdown, and all exhibitions organised by Government and other organisations have been stopped as well. All small businesses are suffering losses and this percolates down to the grassroot artisan producers. We get distress calls everyday from artisans asking for help. Not charity, but support in terms of helping them sell their products. This is an appeal for like-minded friends to stand in solidarity with the artisans who are the single largest community or industry that protects and preserves our culture and heritage. It is up to us to support and promote them to help carry forward this legacy. And they need our help now, more than ever before. 


For this initiative we have selected 30 artisans, with a range of 100 products. 70% of what you contribute will go to the artisans. The other 30% will be used in taking care of operations, logistics, taxes, shipping cost. Here is an approximate estimate of how your contribution will help artisans.

Bronze Hamper worth $600: Will support a min. of 10 artisans @$42(Rs 3000) per artisan.

Silver Hamper worth $1000: Will support a min. of 10 artisans @$70(Rs5000) per artisan

Gold Hamper worth $1500: Will support a min. of 10 artisans @$105(Rs7500) per artisan

The greater number of hampers people buy, the more numbers of artisans we are able to help, as well as a significant amount to each.

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